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Dec 19, 2022

Today I want to talk to you about a subject that will help you with your year end planning.  The topic is Happiness and How to Create more Happiness in Life...But first,
Quote of the Day
“It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed. You only have to be right once.” - Mark Cuban
Success vs Happiness
1-success does not equal happiness
2-happiness and success are different emotions
Note about Success...what is it anyway...Article Success vs Failure- free copy on website
1- G3 story of success and happiness
2- Even setting goal of happiness doesn't get it.
Truth is: Happiness doesn't like to be pursued...ironically like my favorite quote
Success is not to be is to be attracted by the person that you become.
the answer lies in finding ways to attract happiness...
So, lets talk about Happiness for a bit this week and drill down...
Finding Ways to Create Happiness...Major Questions
1-What do you want? (to be happy)
2-Is there a difference between pleasure and happiness? (cannot sustain pleasure)
3-Will more achievement and success make you happy? (No...not the same)
4-Where does happiness come from and how can you get more? (The GET Happy Formula)
Happiness is an emotion you can DEFINE & DO
Happiness is a state of mind controlled by 3 critical components. (formula)
Tomorrow we are going to discuss the GET Happy Formula for creating more happiness.