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Feb 3, 2020

What problem are you facing?
  • having issues in a relationship
  • struggling with depression or anxiety
  • trouble finding motivation to pursue your goals
  • struggling with regrets or carrying baggage from your past
All of us are struggling with problems each and every day.  Some big, some small, some happen over and over…
There are several steps I have found in my life that have enabled me to be a better problem solver, and I’d like to share them with you today.  But, full disclosure, this is a life-long process of solving problems…
My goal is to help you develop skills to deal effectively with your problems not eliminate them. The key is to become an amazing problem solver.
Some specific steps we will discuss to help you...
1-Recognize your Problems are an Opportunity (positive)
-to grow, to learn or maybe simply Change Direction…
2-Change Your Focus (perception) Filter you view problems with
-stop giving meaning and energy to a problem…shift to Solution
3-Believe You Can Change Your Filter or View (nueroplasticity)
-create a habit of being a problem solver
-it requires consistency, persistency, and energy….Work
4-When Your Dream is Big Enough the Problem Doesn't Matter 
-don't let problems overwhelm you
-let your dreams overwhelm your problem
-requires dream building and clarifying where you are going.
-most people don't have a plans so its easy to become overwhelmed with problems
5-Solutions can come from Collaboration (internal/external)
-sometime talking out will help you find solution
-sometimes others perspectives will help expand yours
-be open…be vulnerable…be honest
I am glad you are here with me today.  
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George Wright III