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Jul 8, 2024

Welcome back to the Daily Mastermind with your host, George Wright III. With over 25 years of experience in helping thought leaders and celebrities, George shares his insights on achieving personal and professional excellence. In this episode, George focuses on the key habits of high performers, guided by Brendon Burchard's book 'High Performance Habits.' Learn why alignment, not just achievement, is crucial for success and how replacing certainty with curiosity can enhance your growth. Discover the common traits of high performers, such as confidence despite adversity, passion for work, and the ability to develop both skills and people. Stay tuned for future episodes featuring expert interviews and more actionable insights to help you create a life of greatness.
00:35 The Importance of Holistic Growth
00:52 Upcoming Episodes and Guest Experts
01:09 Habits of High Performers
01:47 Key Insights from 'High Performance Habits'
02:42 The Problem of Alignment vs. Achievement
03:37 Certainty: The Enemy of Growth
04:44 Qualities of High Performers
08:51 The Six Habits of High Performers
09:45 Conclusion and Upcoming Content
"You have Greatness inside you.  I know you can Learn, Grow and Accomplish anything you put your mind toward.  I appreciate you listening today.  See you tomorrow."
George Wright III
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