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Apr 21, 2023

Final Thoughts on How to Win Friends and Influence People

  • ·       This is a timeless classic
  • ·       Successful people will review it often
  • ·       It helps differently in different seasons of our lives

Couple specific thoughts from book overall...


  • ·       Today environment makes -A slippery slope
  • ·       Do good but be authentic
  • ·       Be YOU 

 Dealing with People

  • ·       Communication is #1 skill
  • ·       book about YOU not others
  • ·       persuasion not manipulation


  • ·       great leaders influence not manage
  • ·       have a cause...
  • ·       bring out best in others

Overall, I feel this book is one of the best ones I have read on how to Deal with People, Create Influence and Become a Better Leader.  As Carnegie points out in the book, we are constantly dealing with people in business, and it is a key skill that must be developed to deal with day-to-day problems that we face.  It is amazing to me that communication, influence, and people skills is not taught to everyone in school.  If it was, i believe we would be much better equipped to deal with life and much better at communicating with those around us.  Nevertheless, I believe that if you will read and apply the teaching in How to Win Friends and Influence People you will Create a Life of greater Happiness, Fulfillment and Prosperity. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks overview of the Classic Book by Dale Carnegie.

George Wright III