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Jul 2, 2024

In this episode of the Daily Mastermind, George Wright III converses with Jason Moss, a multiple six-figure business coach who mentors over 20,000 coaches online. They delve into Jason's unique approach to business growth centering around integrating personal identity with strategic execution. Jason shares his journey from making his first online sale at 13 to coaching business owners using a framework that includes four core pillars: niche, offer, audience, and enrollment. The episode emphasizes the importance of inner work and alignment, dispelling the myth that harder work is the key to more income. Jason also introduces the concept of operating within different levels of consciousness—willful, intellectual, and intuitive—to achieve greater flow and business success.
01:21 Jason Moss's Background and Journey
03:43 The Importance of Identity in Business Growth
11:02 Overcoming Obstacles and Limiting Beliefs
14:21 The Four Pillars of Business Success
18:48 Achieving Flow and Alignment in Business
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George Wright III
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Message from JASON MOSS:
I’m a multi-six-figure business coach today… Leading a community of 20,000+ coaches around the world.
But it wasn’t always this way.
I started coaching back in 2016, and only made $4728 my first year.
I was showing up, putting in the work, posting all over social media… But getting little more than a few hearts and likes in return.
It took me years to figure out how to get clients consistently… And once I started to understand what actually worked…
Everything changed.
I scaled past $500k / yr in sales… Free to set my own hours and work from anywhere…
Feeling fulfilled, getting to wake up every day and change people’s lives…
Coaching is the best job I’ve ever had. And none of this is magic.
It’s nothing more than the result of following the strategies and principles I teach… And doing the right things, day after day.
That’s why I’m so excited to share everything I know about growing a thriving coaching business and scaling your business with you. I look forward to connecting with you...
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About George Wright III:
George Wright is a Proven, Successful Entrepreneur- and he knows how to inspire entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals to achieve Massive Results. With more than 20 years of Executive Management experience and 25 years of Direct Marketing and Sales experience, George is responsible for starting and building several successful multimillion-dollar companies. He started at a very young age to network and build his experience and knowledge of what it takes to become a driven and well-known entrepreneur. George built a multi-million-dollar seminar business, promoting some of the biggest stars and brands in the world. He has accelerated the success and cash flow in each of his ventures through his network of resources and results driven strategies. George is now dedicated to teaching and sharing his Prosperity Principles and Strategies to every Driven and Passionate Entrepreneur he meets. His mission is to Empower Entrepreneurs Globally to create Massive Change and LIVE their Ultimate Destiny.