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Feb 9, 2024

In this episode, you'll get to meet a successful entrepreneur John Jonas, the creator of, a successful platform for virtual outsourcing to the Philippines. John discusses how he got into the industry and shares the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines, attributing their strong work ethic, loyalty, excellent talent pool, and affordability to the country's conducive culture and government support. He explains his hiring and management process, emphasizing the need to first outsource something the employer knows how to do. Overall, Jonas highlights that outsourcing is more than just a cost-effective solution; it buys back time and freedom for entrepreneurs.
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00:46 Understanding Outsourcing and Its Benefits
01:19 The Journey to Building
04:08 Overcoming Fears and Challenges in Outsourcing
05:46 The Importance of Outsourcing Tasks You're Good At
11:40 The Advantages of Hiring from the Philippines
15:15 The Dream of Working from Home
15:34 Building Trust with Your Foreign Employees
16:09 The Benefits of Hiring Full-Time Employees
17:12 The Importance of Commitment in Business
17:41 The Advantages of a Salaried Mindset
17:54 Steps to Effectively Hire a VA
19:15 The Interview Process for Hiring a VA
27:26 The Importance of Communication in Managing VAs
28:19 The Cultural Traits of Filipino VAs
29:26 Final Thoughts on Hiring VAs