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Feb 25, 2021

Trusting Your Gut...Lessons Learned from Jamie Kern Lima
Jamie Kern Lima is an American Entrepreneur
founder of IT Cosmetics
started a small business and sold it for $1.2 BILLION
new book out called Believe IT
I've been hearing Jamie do interviews all over podcasts, social media and I have learned quite a few things from her.
Sometimes the lesson we've heard over and over in our lives just need to be "wording" in such a way that they resonate with us based on timing, the person, or the situations in our lives.
I'd like to share several messages that I felt were unique and impacted me from Jamie over the last few weeks I've heard her message a few different times.
  • Trust your gut
    • we all have intuition, but the noise drowns it out
  • No is not a No
    • sometime timing isn't right...that's grace (story)
  • View Failure Differently
    • yes learning, but also living without regret
  • Victory is in Taking that 1st Step
    • love the process, but you already success with step
  • Believe in YOU
    • your ability to take action and adjust
  • Optimism is a Muscle you Train
    • be patient and train your meditation
  • You deserve more
    • but only in proportion to what you allow yourself
I know that many of these messages are ones you've heard before, but it is my hope that maybe someone needed to hear them again or in a unique way.  I hope that you will become inspired to take action.
I hope that you will remember that it's never too late to start living the life you were meant to live...Success is in taking that first STEP.
Thanks for listening.  See you tomorrow.
George Wright III