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Apr 20, 2020

Today I want to talk with you about How to start facing your fears to create massive results in your life.
All of us have challenges and fears in our life that we are faced with from time to time.  Sometimes these fears are minor and sometimes they can become extremely debilitating.  Either way, we only truly grow and succeed when we face our fears.  Most of us have heard the phrase:
True Success and Growth is created outside your comfort zone.  
I love this statement because it reminds me to focus on the opportunities that are presented to me whenever a challenge or fear is put in my path.  I have experienced time and time again the success and fulfillment that as come into my life by facing my fears and “leaning into what I fear most”.
There has never been a better time to learn and act on this principle than now.  Our business, social, and economic environment is placing many fears in our path and I believe we can use this as an opportunity to Learn more about Ourselves, Grow our Success, and Create an Amazing Life of Fulfillment and Prosperity.  But it will require some Bold, Courageous and Intentional Actions on our part.  I hope this message might inspire you to do just that
The Time I Walked Away from $250k.
There have been many times that I have had to face my fears in difficult situations and life events.  However, I can think of one in particular that really pushed me to a new level.  
I was twenty-nine years old and had built a successful sales team for leading online stock education company.  I was doing very well financially and had built a team consistently generating me over $250k per year.  More importantly, I was married and had 5 kids at the time.
I had built a relationship with an individual that owned a small events company doing about $20M per year in revenue with about 20 employees.  This individual had presented me with the opportunity to walk away from my “cush” “job” and become the CEO of his company.  I’m not sure what he saw in me, and I certainly did not feel qualified for the position.  But, I was faced with the challenge/opportunity to walk away from a already built $250k per year to earn a commission (on on profit) of helping him to grow his company.  
I certainly saw the potential, but it was a thought that literally terrified me.  I had worked very hard to create the level of success I had created (from the ground up) and knew that it would require some serious “heavy lifting” to jump ship and move to the next level with this offer.  I spent many long, stressful and thoughtful days considering the offer.
I knew that I wanted to go to the next level.  The opportunity appeared to be sound but I would give up a solid (bird in the hand) income for an upside that was not guaranteed in any way.  To say I was scared to make the move would be an understatement.  But ultimately, I chose to make the move and I have never looked back.  In hindsight, that move is what gave me an incredible amount of experience, success, relationships and life skills.  It was a bumpy ride (which we can cover at another time), but we were able to grow the company to over $200M in net collected revenue with over 300 employees in 5 short years.  This was a perfect example of leaning into my Fear in order to Grow and Create Success.
What do you Fear Most?
So the question I have for you is, “What is it that you fear right now in your professional life?”  Is there an opportunity that you have been considering or presented with?  Is there a skill that you have put off learning or developing?  Is there a personal passion that you have wanted to start building a business around?  Are there investing opportunities that you don’t feel qualified to start learning and doing?  Maybe you have some current challenges or problems in your life or business that you simply don’t feel qualified to deal with.  Maybe you have a relationship or a family matter that you can’t seem to get up the courage to start working on.  Regardless of what the fear is that is present in your life, I can promise you that your “Greatest Accomplishments”…Your Best Life…is waiting just beyond that challenge or fear.
See, I believe that your Fear is there for a reason that will benefit you.  Maybe it’s your gut telling you that you need to address it.  Maybe its your subconscious mind identifying to you an area that you can learn and grow from.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe that fears can be real (in life and especially in our minds), but I also believe most FEAR is something we create to avoid problems in our lives…simply put it is "false events appearing real."  Maybe another way to look at FEAR is to see it as an opportunity, or a Highlighted area for Growth rather than a red flag to run away from.
Either way, you were meant to do great things and can only accomplish your best life by addressing the road blocks holding you back from Greatness.