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Jan 26, 2022

It's time to stop waiting around for your destiny to take shape.  
Too many people are living in regret and waiting for circumstances to get better befroe they start creating their best life.  
Today I want to talk about how to Get in the Game of Life in a much BIGGER way....
1-Pick a Side
-stop sitting on side line
-stop waiting….
-no one is gonna play for you
2-Identify Your Position
-be great at what you are great at UT
-master your skills
3-Stop watching the Score board PLAY the Game
-know the score but…
-perform on every play
-learn to love execution
4-Practice...Everyone wants to play in the game
-put in the reps
-be willing to outwork your opponent
-win the game in the effort outside the game 
5-Remeber...Yesterdays Homeruns...
-play all out every game like its your last
-live in the moment
-new day every day
Suggestions to Drive Your Thoughts
-become the hero of the game
-love being the underdog
-be the cinderella story
Jim Carrey Quote…
"you can fail at what you don't want, so you..."