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I Am Committed to Life-Long Learning

Oct 11, 2021

BLOG:  I Am Committed to Life-Long Learning- Pillar #9

I am excited to talk with you about lifelong learning as principle number 9 of the 12 Prosperity Pillars. Principle number 9 says, “I Am Committed to Lifelong Learning.”

Napoleon Hill  said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

You really are powerful. I know you can achieve great things! So, let's talk about how lifelong learning plays a key role in that picture. 

Learning Versus Reading

Now, you may be thinking that you already know you need to keep learning and constantly read. But I'm not just talking about reading. I’m talking about a lifelong learning process as much as the act of learning.

The application of knowledge is as important as the act of learning. When you're committed to lifelong learning you're not just reading, listening to podcasts, watching videos, or going to live events. You’re actually applying the knowledge.

Let me explain what I mean by this, follow me as I lead you along what I like to think of as a process for creating life.

The Equation for Belief Creation

Learning plus application of that knowledge equals experience, this then is going to lead you to your beliefs.

Learning + Application of Knowledge = Experience → Beliefs

Remember, our goal is to create your ultimate destiny.

When we face struggle, it gives us an opportunity to grow. When we are growing, we are creating a better life.  The result from creating a better life is that we shift our beliefs because we are manifesting different experiences than what we're used to..

You must continue to learn so that you can create new experiences, which will help you expand your beliefs. Your beliefs are either validated or expanded by the learning and experiences that you have. So how you learn should be carefully considered. 

Intentional and Effective Learning

The way you study should be something you intentionally think about. It shouldn't be automatic. Meaning, you shouldn't just listen to audio books or read books. You should really dissect the ways that you could implement your new knowledge most effectively.

For example, maybe you’re a reader. Maybe you prefer listening to audios. Maybe you like to go to live events. But keep in mind it's not about doing the process as much as how you internalize it. In other words, if you are just listening to audiobooks while you're working out or driving, you're not fully growing and applying them. You're just going through the motions.

Be honest with yourself and be specific with your intent. Don't do things just to do them. Do them and be present, be focused, and apply them so learning is a process.

Then continue the process with repetition. Repetition will help you be able to learn more and more. That's why books like Think and Grow Rich have stood the test of time. Over decades, people have read the same message. But when they’re applying the knowledge over and over they’re learning different things.

Be Open and Teachable

What are some keys that you can use in creating successful learning like I’ve described? Number one; you need to be open minded and teachable. You must be someone who learns and not just goes through the motions.

When you think, “I've already heard that. I've already tried that” … you’re closing yourself off. You've got to be open-minded. Because your experiences and your beliefs change as you change, your experiences may be totally different doing what may seem to be the exact same thing again.

I know with business I've heard a lot of people say things like, “We've tried that once or twice before and it didn’t work.” That doesn't mean the situation is the same. So be open-minded and teachable.

Learning From Success and Failure

Success and failure are learning experiences. I know a lot of people who like to say failure is the greatest learning experience. I don't necessarily agree with that because I think success teaches me a lot as well. I learn what TO do, not what NOT to do. Both are good learning experiences for you.

Remember, success or failure aren’t necessarily good or bad. They’re just learning processes.

Learning From a Mentor 

Another thing you can do is get a mentor. Get someone who has the experience and the belief you’re seeking so that you get that belief transference.  And you’re learning at the hands of someone who's done it successfully. So getting a mentor is a key thing you could do for learning.

Also, surround yourself with other successful people. We talked about that in a previous prosperity pillar . Surround yourself with positive, successful, hard-working individuals.

Solidify With Daily Rituals

The last thing I would mention is daily rituals.  Daily rituals are a key for your learning. If you have daily rituals—working out, reading, meditating, whatever—those are going to put you through the activities that create new learning.

Listening to The Daily Mastermind podcast is a great daily ritual because it will expand your mind and give you new ideas and strategies. It’s my goal to give you things that you can apply in your life that will help you to continue your commitment to lifelong learning. 

It's true either you’re growing or you're dying. Whether it's physically, mentally, spiritually. Lifelong learning will help you continue to grow. Now let me give you a strategy to use for applying this concept.

Start With This Strategy

Get a copy of Think and Grow Rich and go through chapter one this week. Even if you’ve read it before, read it with a new perspective and find some new things you can apply in your life now.

You can listen to or read Think and Grow Rich for free on The Daily Mastermind app easily. May this be the first of many deeper learning experiences that will start transforming your beliefs.

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