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Aug 28, 2019

Hello and welcome back to The Daily Mastermind.

I have been away on some events and travel and its been a while since I recorded a podcast.  I'm happy to say I am back and excited as ever to drop some inspiration, motivation and education on your daily routine.

Today I want to start by identifying a behavior and pattern that I have noticed amongst people, entrepreneurs and individuals I've been around recently.  It's one of the biggest obstacles that will keep you from realizing your TRUE potential and I want to address it head on right now...

Its simply the principle of "How you do anything is How you do Everything?.  I believe that you cannot be at a level 10 in soem areas of your life and then at a level 5 in other areas and expect to WIN.

Thats my topic today and lets dig in....

I hope you get some value and I look forward to talking with you again tomorrow.

George Wright III