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Jan 30, 2023

Let me ask you a question…
Do you ever get stuck inside your head?
Do you sometimes feel you are living the same day over and over? (progress?)
The Problem we are all dealing with is...
The human mind distorts, deletes and generalizes
Its designed to do this for a reason
Your mind takes everything in all the time…
…but it has to choose to make things easier to process.
This is a good thing but also causes a lot of struggle.
Because your brain learns to distort, delete or generalize
Based on your story, beliefs, experiences, and focus.
So, remember that you are the one that sets the software and programs your mind to do what makes it work smoothly.
So, you have to ask yourself a few questions….
Are you focused on the past, present or future?
Are you stuck in a story that you believe (subsconsiously) is true but might not truly be the case?
Are you generalizing things in your life based on your past?
…he/she never, always, is, was, will be…
NOTE:  To train your mind you must continually plant seeds of positivity.
Garden analogy
Ever notice how you have to plant flowers but weeds grow automatically?
It takes zero effort for negativity to seep into the mind.  It take work to prevent
It takes effort (daily) to plant positivity and train your mind.
The key is to do a couple of things
1-Be aware of your thoughts, pattens, and beliefs
2-Direct and Create the thoughts and patterns that serve you
3-Be driven by a compelling vision of a clear & purpose future.
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George Wright III