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Apr 21, 2022

Your Ability to allow and embrace Uncertainty in your life is in direct proportion to your Success, Growth and Prosperity.

We cannot grow or achieve inside our Comfort Zone and we cannot achieve the best version of ourselves without Growing to our True capabilities….

Brenden Burchard in his bestselling Book High Performance Habits talks about our NEED and REQUIREMENT to deal with Uncertainty if we want to create an Amazing Life.

He said, “Certainty is the enemy of growth and high performance.”  Too many people want certainty amid the chaos of this world.  But certainty is a fool’s dream and , thus, the charlatan’s selling point.  Certainty ultimately blinds you, sets taste or fixed limits, and create “automatic” habits that become predictable bad thinking and openings for your competitors to surpass you….High Performers outgrow their youthful need for certainty and replace it with curiosity and genuine self-confidence.

So, uncertainty is a good thing, BUT….how do we deal with it?

That's the topic for today...thanks for joining the conversation.

George Wright III