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Mar 17, 2020

How to Practice the Law of Vibration

I want to talk to you today a little more about the Law of Vibration, which is the first of two laws connected with the Law of Attraction.  Now remember, I am no expert here, but I’ve learned a few things from some pretty big thought leaders, so I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned and seen happen in my own life.


The Law of Vibration (simply put) states that everything in the universe is made up of energy and that energy is constantly moving and vibrating and being attracted to similar energy levels.  So, if you want to attract a certain kind of energy you need to create a life that resonates at the at the same frequency.  Remember….this is science based and also common sense to a degree.


We know that when your day goes bad it usually gets worse (if you let it).  We know that “birds of a feather, flock together”.  We know that positive people will be around positive people.  Get the idea?


This law is like the law of gravity.  It is governed by universal principles.  It exists whether you believe it or not and whether you can see it or not.  Because you are part of the Mastermind Community, I know you are already bought into the idea that We Create Our Lives.  Our lives are a direct reflection of our minds, our programming, and our VIBRATION/FREQUENCY.  In order to create the life you’d like, you must condition your mind to have thoughts in alignment with your objective.  


BUT…you must also raise the frequency and vibration in your life to resonate with your Ultimate Life as well.  You cannot hang around negative people and expect to create positivity and abundance in your life.  You cannot say one thing and then do something else and expect things to go your way.  


So how do you Raise your Vibration?


There are a couple ways I’ve found to raise my own vibration that I want to share with you. Then, I’ll take you through a few steps and exercises so grab a pen and paper.


First, you can consciously program your mind and your life to move to a higher frequency or vibration.  You do this through your daily rituals and practices.  Meditation, Affirmations, Reading, and Visualization are all examples of this.  Most of you have experienced a time you were looking to buy a specific item like a car and so you did some research on the item. Then, before you knew it, you were seeing that car or item everywhere.


This is because when you program your thoughts, your RAS (reticular activating system) in your brain kicks in.  You’ve basically programmed your brain to sort through your 100,000 thoughts per day and find and attract to you what you are looking for.


Second, you can definitely raise your vibration in your life by learning to create the right emotions.  Now most of us feel that emotions are some type of involuntary burden we have.  Events in our lives create positive or negative emotions.  And this might be true for most people, but not you.


We talk all the time about being proactive and not reactive.  Rather than acting to experiences in your life to create emotions, you need to learn to be proactive in creating “the right” emotions to bring you into (what Tony Robbins says is) an Ideal State.  A state that places you in the right vibration that is in alignment with your goals and the emotions you want in your life.


Example…close your eyes and think back to one of the happiest memories in your life. Maybe it was a family event like a marriage, birth of a child or being with your parents.  Maybe it was a time you received an amazing recognition for an achievement.  Sit in that moment and recall the vivid details of that moment and you will begin to feel the emotions of that moment.  That is because our brain embeds and registers memories in this way.  The bottom line is that we can create the emotions we want at any time in our lives.  We do not need to wait for something or some event to happen in our lives.


Like my partner Robert Stuberg always says, we are ultimately looking to create emotions in our lives and I’ve just shared with you a very simple way to do just that.  Best of all, when you create the right emotions in your life, you will ATTRACT the same type of emotions.  


And most importantly…


When you create and add emotions to the thoughts you have for your Ultimate Life, you truly resonate and attract the things you want because you are deeply connected to those thoughts and ideas.


I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this, but let me suggest a few amazing thought leaders on this topic you can research and then give you some steps and exercises you can do.  Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, and Joe Vitale are all individuals that I have learned from on this topic and would be great sources for you to learn from as well.  Noah St John is also a guest I’ve had on the podcast so you can go back and reference that episode for great content.


So, now let me list for you a few key steps I feel will help you with implementing the Law of Vibration into your life.


Important Steps to Create the Right Vibration


1- Set the Right Intention- Get Clear on What you Want


2- Visualize Your Objective- What you focus on Grows


3- Make it a Must- Shift from a Could to a Should


4- Decide to have Faith- Faith is a Choice


5- Surrender to the Process- Take Action and Allow Space for Attraction


Once you’ve done these steps, I have listed out a few exercises and ideas you can implement to start practicing and raising the vibration in your life.  Maybe you’ve already been doing many of these, but try to do them with real intention on raising your vibration level.


Exercises You Can Do


Practice Gratitude


Create a Vision Board




Declare Your Intentions


Consume Your Thoughts


Give Generously


These are just a few examples and there are many other ideas you can try, but you get the idea.  Ultimately I hope todays message is something you will sit back, be thoughtful about, and really try to implement in your life.  I truly believe that if you will start to apply Prosperity Principle #11 I Attract Success and live the Law of Vibration, you will see massive increases in your Prosperity and Happiness.


Now, I’d like to ask you favor.  Please share this with at least one friend.  I know there are people that need to hear this message and I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to listen.


See you tomorrow.


George Wright III