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Feb 12, 2020

This week I'd like to focus your attention on Prosperity Pillar #5 which is...I Create an Attitude of Abundance
What is an attitude of abundance?
-Ability to Truly believe and have faith that there is enough…that your potential is infinite
The challenge is that our Mindset or Blueprints are formed by life Experience which has created Limiting beliefs, so
-must change your money blueprint (T Harv Eker)
Your ability to change your blueprint will require Faith, Persistence and Dedication
So, lets Start by understanding one important things...Abundance is a Choice...
-because its based on faith outside yourself, it requires a decision to “choose abundance"
-I know sometimes its difficult when faced with challenges...  
-this just means you must work on it until it is automatic…HABIT
Suggestion...Create Daily Rituals that create Abundance
-affirmations, service to others, gratitude…more of these in a minute
First, lets break down the differences between Abundance and Scarcity mindset….
I believe recognizing and outlining the difference will be important to identifying the best approach
  • With a scarcity mindset, you believe that everything is limited. -your time, money, opportunity, wealth….its all limited.  This make you worry and make fear-based decisions.  You operate and problem solve from a place of “lacking” and limited perspective.  Your afraid of missing out.  Your afraid of not having enough.  You try to save your way into a profit…etc.
  • With an abundance mindset, you believe there's plenty for everyone. There's plenty of wealth, happiness, fulfillment, resources, etc to go around.  You operate from a place of unlimited potential ad always from a place of solutions and the big picture.  You also are willing to celebrate success of others cause you know there is plenty of success to go around.  you drive the profit and upside…not just protect your downside.
I’ve run several businesses and I’ve operated with both mindsets.  I remember a time that I was worried about expenses more than i was worried about driving revenue.  Somehow those times always seemed more of a struggle.  I do not believe its because things were harder.  I still had struggles when focused on abundance, but it was just harder due to my limited faith, belief and focus on the big picture.  
I really Love the principle taught by T Harv Eker…we live in a world of duality….
-good vs bad, good vs evil, abundance v scarcity
-inner world vs outer world….so it starts with your mindset
-we live in a world of Causes and Results
-success, prosperity, money, is a RESULT of your mindset
-so lets talk about your mindset…because focus on mindset (the cause) will RESULT in Abundance (as a result)...
Abundance v Scarcity
faith v fear
solutions v problems
opportunity v obstacles
learning v failure
think big v think small
proactive v reactive
teachable v know it all
celebrate success v jealous
positive people v negative people
*Do these things and you will create a Abundant Mindset
Also I want to give you a couple Qualities of Abundant thinkers that I believe you should focus on creating in your own life and personality...
Qualities of Abundant Thinkers
-Gratitude-learn to want what you have NOT have what you want….
-Appreciation- a great form of practicing gratitude and you must appreciate to attract
-Generosity- give what you want to receive (but not because of)
-Embrace Change- change is your ability to have faith that “things will work out for your benefit"
Final Reminders…..
  • Daily Reminders to Focus on Positive
  • Positive Self Talk…Watch what you say to Yourself
  • Don't Compare to Others…Run Your Own Race
Join me for upcoming episodes this week as we discuss Real Estate mastery, Financial Education and many other topics of abundance...
Thanks for listening.
George Wright III