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Sep 18, 2023

Let’s open this week talking about Clarity and Vision for Your Life

Nothing says vision like a Life Mission Statement.

Do you have one?  Have you ever developed one?

One of my Mentors Robert Stuberg took me through an exercise on building and crafting a personal mission statement.  It involved answering a series of questions.  The questions were critical for me to help truly develop a solid mission statement.

  • ·       Mission might seem challenging and overwhelming pressure
  • ·       so many facets of life, so how do we narrow it to one statement?
  • ·       5 key statements describing personal mission and life overall
  • ·       Take time to uncover the essence and direction of your life

Personal Mission Statement should help answer several questions for you:

What is the purpose of your life?

Why are you here?

What in life do you want to experience?

How would you like to feel on a daily basis?

Let me outline the 5 questions I’d like you to answer…

1-My Life’s Purpose is…

(example to empower those around me to be the best version of themselves and to empower them with purpose and passion for life)

2-My Empowering Self-Definition is…

(Example:  I am someone with the power to accomplish my important goas and dreams.  I can achieve what I truly desire by making the decision and taking the action necessary to achieve it.)

3-I want my Life to be an Answer to What Question?

(How can I use my talents to create the biggest impact and legacy?)

4-My Mission in Life is…

(The application of your UT)

5-The Sort of Influence on Others I’d Like to Have is…

(Example:  inspire, motivate and educate others to become the best versions of themselves and life a life of health, wealth and happiness)

I challenge you to Determine Your Mission

·       Most people focus on a job or career

·       Power comes from focusing on your mission

·       What do you want the focus of your life to be?

·       Who do you want to serve and How?

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George Wright III

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