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Apr 28, 2022

We all struggle at times with our confidence.  When you are building a business, creating a movement, raising a family, or even building a relationship...there are times when you question your abilities, strengths and skills.

However, it is very important that you learn to push yourself past your limiting beleifs and continue to ACT in Spite of Your Fears and Move Forward in spite of your lack of Perceived Confidence.  

The truth is when you are growing and learning, you are most often operating outside your normal confort zone...this is a GOOD thing.  But, you have to recognize that your feelings of being uncomfortable are not a direct reflection of your abilities. 

So, what can we do to build up our mindset and confidence furing these times...thats what todays episode is going to discuss.  I hope it inspires you to lean into your fears and build yoru confidence daily through your activities and determination.

Thanks for listening.

George Wright III