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Feb 26, 2024

Today I want to focus on finding ways we can Create a State of Mind that brings more Happiness into our lives...Prosperity Pillar #7 I choose to be happy...

Many of us spend much of our linves chasing success and happiness only to find out tha the "things" will never bring you happiness.  You can only create happiness by learning to create the emotions and feelings that we are trying to search for more of...

Ultimately, it is a lesson that we will either learn once we get the things we are chasing and find out they are short lived, or a lesson we will learn becuase we never truly experience the success and happiness we are searching for...becuase we are still searcing for it...

Either way, we need to make the CHOICE and DECISION to simply BE HAPPY.  Happiness is a choice and it is a frame of mind that we can create if we simply build a life that producees the emotions and feelings we are searching for...we can do that right now.

Join me today on the podcast as we discuss:

1-Choosing Happiness
2-How Happiness is a Now State
3-Why You MUST ADD falling love w Process
4-Learning to Enjoy, Execute, Act in PRESENT
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George Wright III