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Jun 28, 2023

This week we are getting ready for a full 12 week transformation starting in July...Evolution of Your Life
we are talking about evolving your mind, body, money, business, and lifestyle.
20 years of mentors, contacts, connections....sharing with you the success secrets...
...the success clues that create the greatest change.
Topic Today:  Evolve Your Money
  • stress- most of your stress is caused by money
  • knowledge- you don't know what you dont know
  • debt & income- your life, lifestyle, sometimes even happiness revolves around money
  • lifestyle- you need to create "wealth" which will extend to your health, relationships, money too.
Here is the Challenge:
  • money blueprint- money is a tool...not a destination
    • money is also a RESULT. you need to focus on the Cause that creates it.
  • who taught you about money
    • discipline, consistency, results
  • if what your doing isn't working
  • success leaves clues
Solution:  Focus on a few simple principles...How you do anything...
1-know your 3 numbers
Protection $$- emergency cash to cover your needs for 1-2 years
Independence $$- enough cash or investments to cover your "needs" without active income
Freedom $$- enough cash or investments to cover your "wants"
2-monitor your money
What you focus on and give attention to...grows
3-situational strategies
Principle I learned...exact strategy at exact situation with exact precision creates RESULTS
DAILY RITUALS that work for you to create consistency, simplicity, and discipline (boundaries)
Tomorrow we will discuss would be surprised how much peace you can attain by simply having game plan...starting simple...directing you to some key resources and a free summit event next month.
I hope you have learned something today...or at a minimum inspired to Evolve Your Money
if you want more support, community, mentoring...Results...
Starting in July we are going on a 12 week journey to truly create an Evolution in your life...
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