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Jun 22, 2023

Quote of the Day
I'm going to create my own identity...Patrick Bet-David
Episode 800
On the road this week doing meetings in Cali, but focused on Business Development...lead me to topic of today...
Lets talk about Sales & Communication Techniques
Communication is the most critical skill in business and life..
Selling is purely communication with structure...
You must ABC...Always Be Closing...if you are passionate about life & pursuits...
  1. Listen & Observe More
    1. 2 ears and 1 mouth
    2. seek first to understand
    3. the keys are hidden in the conversation
  2. Techniques to Master
    1. rate of speeh
    2. voice inflection
    3. tone
    4. preparation of scripting in sales
  3. Closing & Buying Signals
    1. questions to buy/already bought
    2. acting as already purchased/future pacing
    3. NOTE:  be aware if they are ready