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Mar 29, 2022

Cash Flow Strategies with Jeff Tomasulo

Have you ever wondered how you can make money work for you instead of you working for money? People often believe they have to be an expert on finances to start investing it in the market, hence, they prefer to leave their money in savings or checking accounts. However, taking this risk along with having the proper financial education and mentorship can give your life a new direction.

Knowing the difference between what being rich and wealthy means is key to success in your business and personal life. Today, I had an insightful conversation with Jeff Tomasulo about the perception of money and the value of financial education, application, and mentoring. We also discuss relevant strategies people could incorporate to create money effectively, efficiently, and safely. He digs into the significance of educating yourself and being surrounded by the right team.

You don’t want to miss this inspiring and thought-provoking episode. Tune in and enjoy!

Top Value Nuggets:

  • How Jeff gained experience and became a financial expert
  • The difference between being wealthy and rich
  • Why financial literacy and education are essential 
  • How to leverage your money and create cash flow
  • Jeff’s outlook on the current market conditions

Connect with Jeff:

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About Jeff Tomasulo: 

Jeff Tomasulo is the CEO and Head Portfolio Manager of Vespula Capital Management (global asset management firm). He is also the co-founder of His focus on risk management has been proven to be his secret to success for making money in the markets.  He appears regularly on financial media outlets such as CNBC, Reuters, FOX News, and Cheddar TV.

With 25 years of experience with all types of asset classes like equities, commodities, treasuries, and currencies.  Most importantly, he has “real world” experience on Wall Street. Jeff is passionate about educating the masses and creating financial literacy, and has traveled all over the world teaching financial education and investing strategies with Celebrities and Experts. 

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