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May 28, 2019

Thanks for listening today.  I want to do something a little different this week.  I would like to provide you with one of my favorite (and best) books I know that can help you to create an amazing life.

The book is called As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen.  I have really been an advocate of adding positive and successful books to your daily rituals and routine, and I know many of you are pressed for time in your day and have asked me for my recommendations for top success book.  So, I thought I would read all 7 chapters to you in the podcast over the next 7 days.  Then, you can listen, take notes, and absorb the wisdom contained in this book.

I might stumble a little when reading, but I feel this is important and you will gain amazing insight into Unleashing Your Potential if you will take the time to listen.

Have an amazing week and send me feedback as you listen over the next week or so.

George Wright III


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