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Apr 29, 2022

Have you noticed how much scarcity is being put into your mind and environment lately?

Are you starting to slowing operate from a place of scarcity....

...not enough time, money or opportunity

...not enough revenue, profit or efficiency

...not enought love, compassion or abundance

The fact of the matter is that sometimes we are operating from scarcity and don't even realize it. 

We start focusing on problmes rather than solutions. 

We make fear based decisions rather than faith based decisions.

We paly more defense in business or life rather than offense.

We are waiting for opportunities rather than creating them.

And Here is a BIG ONE....We are jealous of others success rather than being their Greatest Cheer Leader.

These are all signs of Scarcity...I think we shoud CHOOSE Abundance.  I think we need to Build up and Develop our Abundant Mindset more every single day.

Thats what todays episode is talking about.  I hope it inspires you to create lasting changes in your day to day life.

I beleive its Never Too Late to Start Living the Life You Were Meant to Live.  Start today.  Thanks for listening.

George Wright III