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Feb 18, 2020

Yesterday we talked about The Happiness Equation (book)
-we talked about 7 ways to be happy right now
But I want to get super practical with you right now….
This is episode where you want to take notes…
See, often times we get in a place where we sorta feel STUCK…WHERE DO WE START
-we might be working on all the right things, but we really just need a “hard reset"
So today I want to give you a very tangible strategy for SELF ASSESSMENT and PRACTICAL RESULTS
There have been many times in my life when I have been overwhelmed or even STUCK
Its in these times that my mentor, and now partner, Robert Stuberg would sit me down and refer me back to something he calls the PEARL constellation.
-I’ve mentioned this on an episode about a year ago, but I feel its time to revisit it for you.
First let me give you a little context….
Robert talks about how for many years he was trying to develop a formula for “navigating through life”…following the path for success
-this is something we need when we are maybe not making the “process we’d like to make
-we need something to “guide us”, like Milestones or a Compass so to speak
Well Robert came up with 5 words that I believe really encompass the essence of the life we are hoping to experience and he has proven through mentoring thousands of people to be a huge benefit when we are needing direction or focus in life….leading us to ultimate happiness….
The words form an acronym called PEARL.  P…E…A…R…L
If you are not getting the Results, Happiness, or Progress you want in life I know that going through these 5 times, like Robert did with me, will help you to RECALIBRATE your life and get back on track.  
I am going to go through these 5 areas and I recommend you do a self assessment of the areas by rating yourself, now and in the future on a scale from 1-10 in each area.  This will help you to determine where you need to adjust your course, priorities and focus.
What I’m going to do is read from something that Robert Put together called the LIFEHANDBOOK…I’ll give you more on this later but for now, I want to go through these areas in “his words not my own” so you will get the REAL and AUTHENTIC Message behind each area...
Ask Yourself the following Questions
1-What do I believe about myself or about life that isn’t true? (Philosophy)
reference life handbook 
2-What am I feeling that I don’t want to feel? (Emotions)
reference life handbook 
3-What am I doing that I don’t want to do? (Activity)
reference life handbook 
4-What am I getting or not getting in my life compared to what I want to get? (Results)
reference life handbook 
5-How am I living my life on a daily basis compared to how I want to live? (Lifestyle)
reference life handbook 
These are the 5 areas that I believe you can continuously work on, track and progress in to create happiness in your life.  Once again they are the The PEARL Constellation, by Robert Stuberg…
I encourage you to take a moment and go back through this podcast to really dig deep into these 5 areas. I promise that if you do, you will find areas to adjust and refocus in your life and you will ultimately get back on track,  unstuck and create a better version of yourself…
Life I always say…It’s never to late to start living the life you were meant to live and create the best version of yourself on a day to do basis.
That’s my message for today and I look forward to talking with you more tomorrow….