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Oct 18, 2019

I want to talk today about what you are doing to consciously create your life.  I hear from many of you that you are struggling with where you are or that you are anxious to level up your life, but you dont have a plan to make it happen.

Quote of the day is...

"If you dont know where you are doing, then any path can take you there"...

This weekend I want you to Block Out Time to create or clarify your Blueprint for Your Best Life.  Spend time crafting up Your Vision of WHAT YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE LIKE...

Then, create a framework of a blueprint by determining your key principles and values you want to live by.  Then and only then you can identify the vehicles and ideas that might get you there. But dont forget that the key to creating a great life is also having some key DAILY RITUALS that will guide you to your destination.

I hope you get some some great value from the podcast today.

Have a great weekend.

George Wright III