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May 22, 2023

If you are an avid reader or "student" of success, then you have probably come across the HBR Books.  I've gone through many of them over the years and they publish a bunch of books called "The HBR 10 must reads".  They are 10 must read articles on topics like Leadership, Communication, Innovation, Strategic Marketing, Sales, Teams, etc....
One of my favorites is HBR 10 must reads on Mental Toughness.
I am so focused on mental toughness in my own life and totally impressed by the topics in this book that I am going to drill down into the next 10 days with you exclusively on Mental Toughness.
Mental Toughness is something you absolutely MUST develop if you are going to be a leader or develop any type of success in your life.  If you want to learn how to overcome setbacks...coming back even stronger.  Or, if you just want to be a better leader, parent, partner, or success in need to work on your mental toughness.
This particular HBR series is packed with lessons, tips, strategies on Mental Toughness and really has 10 topics that I think you will relate to and be able to apply in every area of your life.  So join me over the next 10 days and lets really dig deep into mental toughness.
Today the topic is an article called How the Best of the Best Get Better and Better...from Graham Jones.
Graham Jones is a best selling author and a top performance consultant for businesses, athletes and the military for over 20 years.  He wrote a book call Thrive on Pressure which is a great lesson for us to start with.
Ultimately this topic boils down to this...Elite performers learn to Thrive on Pressure.  I want to focus and point out to you 6 specific characteristics of Peak Performers that Graham says are keys to Thriving on Pressure.  If you can learn to adopt these traits you can see a massive increase in your mental toughness and results.
Love the Pressure
  • learn to remain cool under pressure
  • love the pressure and use it to drive performance
  • managing pressure is easier if you focus on your own excellence
  • become a master of compartmentalization
  • inner-focused and self-directed (no need to impress)
  • add a secondary passion to help you switch (on/off) endeavors
Fixate on the Long Term
  • ability to rebound is in direct proportion to LT goals focus
  • but pave the road with small mins and achievements
  • meticulously plan short-term goals
  • ultimately, create clarity and vision of future but be specific
Use the Competition
  • simple Principle- train with people that will push you the hardest
  • pushing yourself is good, but competitions levels you up
  • find ways to surround yourself with elite performers
  • masterminds, Programs, Environments, etc.
  • many examples of people pushing each other in sports, life.
Reinvent Yourself
  • if you are a high achiever you need to learn to reinvent yourself
  • the is to create a desire for feedback.
  • particularly important to get in the moment feedback.
  • become hungry for advice, training, lessons, and learn and grow
  • Note: make sure your feedback is constructive and productive.
Celebrate the Victories
  • elite performers know how to party and celebrate the wins.
  • work hard. play hard. celebrate hard.
  • its more than an emotional brings analysis and awareness.
  • also, don't get stuck celebrating...move on once you celebrate.
  • and make sure you are celebrating victories.
The Will to Win
  • all elite performers have a fierce desire to compete and win.
  • foster the inner desire and persistance you need.
  • its not always about the 1st place win...its about competing.
  • it takes grit and courage to get in the ring, let alone back in the ring after defeat.
  • But, if you want to be an Elite Performer you must continue to get in the ring.